Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions of Meander Village. Click on the question to reveal the answer.

Do you have to be retired to live at Meander Village?
Meander Village is designed for the Over 50’s, so whether you are retired or not, you are welcome to reside here.
Do you own the home?
Yes, you purchase your own home which is sited on land rented from Meander Village.
Do we have to pay rates and body corporate fees?
No, There are no body corporate fees or deferred payment fees or rates. Pension recipients may be eligible for rental assistance, electricity and gas rebates. There are no legal fees or stamp duty on purchase of your home.
Will I have to pay any additional charges and, if so, what are they?
Apart from your rent, the only charge payable to Meander Village is your electricity which is individually metered and calculated quarterly.
How long do site agreements last?
The agreements are covered by the Manufactured Homes (Residential Parks) Act 2003. Site agreements are perpetual until terminated by the home owner.
What if we want to sell in the future?
Prospective buyers would need to be approved by Management. They would also need to obtain a lease prior to occupying the home. Also,” For Sale” signs may only be displayed inside windows and must not be larger than 350mm x 350mm in size.
Can I have a pet?
Other than caged,quiet domestic birds, pets are not permitted within the Village at any  time.
Do you have a choice of home designs and sizes?
Yes, there are a variety of home designs and sizes which vary according to site plan, contact our sales department for further information on available floor plans.
What restrictions are there about having someone else living there or having visitors?
If you anticipate another person(s) living in your dwelling other than those listed in your lease, you must first seek approval from management.
Visitors of residents are welcome and they must comply with Village Rules and the Residential Site Agreement. Residents are reminded that they are responsible for their visitors at all times.
All cars to be parked in their allocated car space. No cars to be parked on roadways, grassed areas or vacant sites.
Are there any restrictions on the type of home I might like to put in the Village?
All homes must be approved by Management.
What can I put on the site besides my home, e.g. Carport or garden shed?
Carports, garden sheds, pergolas etc. are to be approved by Management and must comply with Local Council and Government Regulations.
What security do I have?
The Department of Fair Trading administers the laws which set out the rights and responsibilities of residents and residential park owners. Further details and a booklet explaining the laws are available from our office or the Department of Fair Trading.
What protection does a resident have against loss of rights if the Village is sold to another organisation?
All agreements entered into are between you, the current owners and the Village; these agreements (by law) must be honored by any future purchaser.If the village were not to continue as a Relocatable Home Village, you would  be compensated in accordance with the Residential Parks Regulation.
What is the flood rating for Meander Village?
Meander Village is in a 1/100 flood area.
Are there any restrictions on the use of the common facilities? If so, what hours are they available and who may use them? Are there any other restrictions on the use of these facilities?
Pool hours are from 10am – 6pm. Children under 10 years of age must have adult supervision.
Is the park owner aware of any arrangement or restriction on the use of the park by the owner or the resident either now or in the future?