An Affordable Retirement Lifestyle Alternative


An Affordable Retirement Lifestyle Alternative

Meander Village provides a retirement option that offers an affordable and wonderful lifestyle opportunities as an alternative to traditional retirement village living.

Classified as a manufactured homes estate or active lifestyle village, Meander Village caters to the over 50's active retiree and empty-nesters. One of the benefits of a manufactured homes estate is being able to live and interact in a community with like-minded people.

Age-related support features such as medical facilities or on-site assisted care options are features of the retirement village market, rather than manufactured homes estates which suit younger, truly independent people.

At Meander Village a quality home is within the reach of most; those with limited means have the chance to buy and live in the standard of home they may never have enjoyed in the past. Those who currently own a substantial residence can sell and capitalise by utilising their funds to not only finance their new home, but free up money to enjoy the relaxed and carefree lifestyle they’ve worked hard for.

Quite often, strata and company title, loan and licence agreements and leasehold are not playing golfwell understood by seniors, which can lead to confusion and stress when trying to understand who is responsible within the retirement village context.

Ownership of a home in the Meander Village community exists on a two-tier basis.

  1. Firstly, the home that you select and buy will be yours. You will be the absolute owner.
  2. Secondly, you will be granted a site agreement to occupy the site on which your home stands. This is not a freehold interest; it is a form of statutory tenure.
    Your rights are protected by the Manufactured Homes (Residential Parks) Act 2003.

In simple terms, Meander Village owns the land and facilities and you own your home. If you decide to sell your home at any time you are free to do so in the same manner as you would sell a freehold home. For those who decide to leave a manufactured home estate at a later stage, the only deduction from the sale price will be a commission if management acts in the sale of the home

Meander provides all home purchasers with documentation as required by the Department of residents of meander villageFair Trading Residential Park Living, including Questions and Answers; a copy of the Park Rules; a personal copy of your completed lease and a copy of your contract.

Compared with legally defined retirement villages, manufactured homes estates offer a number of significant advantages including:

  • Self-care retirees own their own home.
  • There is no deferred management fee on departure.
  • New homes are half the cost of comparable retirement village self-care units.
  • No legal or hidden costs.
  • Rent assistance reduces weekly fees for eligible pensioners.
  • NO stamp duty, NO entry fees, NO exit fees.
  • Importantly in the manufactured home estates the well accepted concept of home ownership continues in to retirement, as distinct from the variety of legal and financial arrangements offered by self-care retirement villages.

Inquiries for Veteran Affairs, phone 13 32 54 or visit their website.